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Journal of Biodiversity Conservation and Bioresource Management joined on 25/04/2018

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Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research Vol.4(3) 12/11/2018
Bangladesh Veterinarian Vol.34(1) 28/10/2018
Journal of Enam Medical College Vol.8(3) 28/10/2018
Pulse Vol.10(1) 19/10/2018
International Current Pharmaceutical Journal Vol.6(12) 15/10/2018

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    A publication of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology of Daffodil International University. Full text articles available.

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    An official organ of Delta Medical College. Full text articles available.

    Creative Commons Licence
    Articles in the Delta Medical College Journal are Open Access articles published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License CC BY License.

    Deltal Medical College Journal is included on DOAJ.

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    The official Journal of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, Dhaka University.

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    As far as we are aware, this journal is no longer being published.

    Published by the Registrar, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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    The Dhaka University Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is published by the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Full text articles available

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    Official journal of the Faculty of Science, Dhaka University. Full text articles available.

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