Arthritis as a presentation of acute leukemia

Md. Abdul Aziz, Surozit Kumar Sarkar, Farzana Rahman, Shafiqul Islam, Amin Lutful Kabir, Masuda Begum


A 14 year old boy presented with 3 months history of low back pain as well as pain and swelling of both knee joints. The pain was inflammatory in nature. He was thoroughly evaluated but no underlying cause was detected. However, the boy was treated with NSAIDs and sulphasalazine. A few weeks later he developed anemia and took the blood transfusion. Then he developed fever and the joint pain re-appeared. On examination, the patient was found moderately anemic, positive bony tenderness and splenomegaly. Musculoskeletal examination revealed right knee joint effusion. The investigation revealed pancytopenia. Bone marrow morphology and immunophenotyping revealed acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We treated the patient according to modified UKALL-2003 protocol and patient condition improved and arthritis disappeared.


Arthritis; Leukemia

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