Acromegaly Presenting as Cardiac Failure - A Case Report

Shohael Mahmud Arafat, Mahammad Abul Kalam Azad, Rezwanur Rahman, Mehruba Alam Ananna, Ahmed Manzurul Aziz, Quazi Mamtazuddin Ahmed, Muhammad Khaled Hasan, ABM Abdullah


Acromegaly is characterized by chronic hypersecretion of growth hormone (GH) and is associated with increased mortality rate because of the potential complications such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, or malignancy, which are probably caused by the long-term exposure of tissues to excess GH, for at least 10 years, before diagnosis and treatment. Here we are reporting a case of acromegaly who initially presented with features of left ventricular failure for which she got herself admitted in CCU and was treated conservatively. Later on, after clinical examination and investigations she was diagnosed as a case of mitral regurgitation due to cardiomyopathy caused by acromegaly. After the successful transsphenoidal resection of the pituitary microadenoma, the level of GH was normalized and heart failure improved.

Key words: acromegaly; heart failure; Pituitary microadenoma.


BSMMU J 2011; 4(2):122-124


acromegaly; heart failure; Pituitary microadenoma

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