Plasma Nesfatin-1 and Leptin in pubertal and non-pubertal Murrah buffalo heifers (Bubalus bubalis)

  • Gorakh Nath Prajapati Veterinary officer, KHURJA, Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh
  • N. Anand Laxmi Dairy Cattle Physiology division, National Dairy Research Institute Karnal Haryana
Keywords: Buffalo, Leptin, Nesfatin-1, Puberty


Buffaloes  mostly  suffer  from  delayed  puberty,
anestrus,  subestrus,  summer  infertility,  prolonged
inter-calving  interval  and  postpartum  uterine
disorders.  Nesfatin-1  and  Leptin  are  directly  or
indirectly  related  with  body  weight  (BW),  feed
parameters  and  regulation  of  puberty.  The  objective
of  this  study  was  to  investigate  the  influence  of
Nesfatin-1  and  Leptin  in  pubertal  and  non-pubertal
Murrah  buffalo  heifers.  The  Murrah  buffalo  heifers
(n=13) were randomly selected and divided into two
groups; pubertal group (PG) and non-pubertal group
(NG). Heifers with plasma progesterone (P 4 ) level of
?1 ng/mL were classified as PG. Blood samples were
collected at fortnight intervals for analysis of plasma
Nesfatin-1,  Leptin,  P 4 ,  glucose  and  non-esterified
fatty acids. Body weight, dry matter intake and feed
conversion  efficiency  were  recorded  at  fortnight
intervals.  The  mean  (±SEM)  plasma  Nesfatin-1,
Leptin,  P 4 ,  BW  and  feed  conversion  efficiency  (%)
were significantly (P<0.01) higher in PG as compared
to  NG.  Dry  matter  intake  by  the  heifers  was  also
significantly (P<0.001) higher in PG than NG. Plasma
metabolites  (glucose  and  NEFA)  did  not  differ
significantly between the groups. The findings of this
study  suggest  that  Nesfatin-1  and  Leptin  have
indispensable role in the onset of puberty in buffalo
heifers by affecting BW and feed parameters.



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