Mushroom is an Ideal Food Supplement

  • AJ Kakon Mushroom Development officer, National Mushroom Development and Extension Centre, Sobhanbag, Savar, Dhaka
  • Md Bazlul Karim Choudhury OSD, Directorate General, Health Service, Mohakhali, Dhaka
  • Shusmita Saha Associate Professor (c.c.) of Pharmacology, Dhaka National Medical College
Keywords: Agrowastes, Fungi, Lignocelluloses, Nutrient, Beta-glucans, Chitosans


Mushroom, a nutrient-dense versatile food can share some of the benefits of fruits and vegetable and complement almost any everyday meal. Mushroom cultivation also requires low technology, low investment and can be grown in very little space. Due to culinary, nutritional and health benefits, the mushroom market is expected to grow as a food, a tonic and a medicine. In the study food value of mushroom was found comparatively higher than that of other vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. This discussion suggests that the potentiality of mushroom cultivation could be a possible offer to alternate food and develop the life style of the people.


J. Dhaka National Med. Coll. Hos. 2012; 18 (01): 58-62


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Kakon, A., Choudhury, M., & Saha, S. (2012). Mushroom is an Ideal Food Supplement. Journal of Dhaka National Medical College & Hospital, 18(1), 58-62.
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