Focus and Scope

Journal of Current and Advance Medical Research (J Curr Adv Med Res) is a leading, open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal on medical science for rapid publication of articles. The journal provides quick initial decisions followed by a high quality medical editing service and an excellent publishing service to its authors. Papers are published open access without a page charge. This journal has been launched from January 2014 and is still continuing. J Curr Adv Med Res is published 2 times per year. Articles include original research papers, reviews, case report and short research communications. Submissions of basic and clinical research are both considered.

This journal aims to publish scientifically written, evidence-based articles from all disciplines of medical sciences and clinical practice, and nursing, preventive medicine, epidemiology and healthcare research. Manuscripts should present novel findings addressing significant questions in clinical medicine research and practice, in the form of original article, editorial, review, short communication, case report, letter to the editor, and others. In addition to that J Curr Adv Med Res publishes studies performed by multi-center groups in the various disciplines of medicine, including clinical trials and cohort studies from large patient populations, specifically phase I, phase II, and phase III studies performed under the auspices of groups such as general clinical research centers, cooperative oncology groups, and the like. Reports of patients with common presentations or diseases, especially studies that delineate the natural history and therapy of important conditions are also published. Reviews oriented to the practicing internist and diagnostic puzzles, complete with images from a variety of specialties are also published. Careful physiological or pharmacological studies that explain normal function or the body's response to disease as well as analytic reviews such as meta-analyses and decision analyses using a formal structure to summarize an important field are acceptable to publish.

Ethics in publishing

Peer Review Process

All articles published in Journal of Current and Advance Medical Research (J Curr Adv Med Res) will have been sent for external, open peer review. Reviewers will not be asked to judge importance or breadth of appeal. Readers will be able to make these judgements for themselves. We recommend you to use our instructions for reviewers as a checklist to ensure that your article is complete. Upon publication, all previous versions of the manuscript will also be made available, as will the reviewers' comments and authors' replies to those comments. The following is the review process that every manuscript submitted to the journal undergoes during the course of the peer-review process. The entire review process is performed using the online submission. Once a manuscript is submitted, the manuscript is assigned to an Editor most appropriate to handle it based on the subject of the manuscript and the availability of the Editors. The editor first evaluates all manuscripts. It is rare but entirely feasible for an exceptional manuscript to be accepted at this stage. Those rejected at this stage are insufficiently original, have poor grammar or English language, or are outside the aims and scope of the journal. Should the Editor decide to not assign reviewers but instead reject the submission, he/she is required to provide comments to be returned to the author. If the Editor determines that the submitted manuscript is of sufficient quality and falls within the scope of the journal, he/she assigns the manuscript to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 external reviewers for peer-review. The deadline to complete the review process is 4 weeks. The reviewers submit their reports on the manuscripts along with their recommendation of one of the following actions to the Editor:
- Accept
- Consider after Minor Changes
- Consider after Major Changes
- Reject
When all reviewers have submitted their reports, the Editor can make one of the following editorial recommendations:
- Publish
- Consider after Minor Changes
- Consider after Major Changes
- Reject

If the Editor recommends “Publish” the manuscript is accepted for publication. If the Editor recommends “Consider after Minor Changes,” the authors are notified to prepare and submit a final copy of their manuscript with the required minor changes suggested by the reviewers. Only the Editor reviews the revised manuscript after the minor changes have been made by the authors. Once the Editor is satisfied with the final manuscript, the manuscript can be accepted. If the Editor recommends “Consider after Major Changes,” the recommendation is communicated to the authors. The authors are expected to revise their manuscripts in accordance with the changes recommended by the reviewers and to submit their revised manuscript in a timely manner. Once the revised manuscript is submitted, the Editor can then make an editorial recommendation which can be “Publish” or “Consider after Minor Changes” or “Reject.” If the Editor recommends rejecting the manuscript, the rejection is immediate. Also, if two of the reviewers recommend rejecting the manuscript, the rejection is immediate. The Editors have the authority in rejecting any manuscript because of inappropriateness of its subject, lack of quality, or incorrectness of its results. The peer-review process is double blinded, i.e., the reviewers and the authors do not have access to the information of who the peer-reviewers are and vice-versa.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published two issues per year. This is January and July of each year.

Open Access Policy/Copyright 

  • Copyright on any open access article in a journal published by Journal of Current and Advanced Medical Research (JCAMR) is retained by the author(s).
  • Authors grant JCAMR a licence agreement (Describe below) to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher.
  • Authors also grant any third party the right to use the article freely as long as its integrity is maintained and its original authors, citation details and publisher are identified.
  • The Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 formalizes these and other terms and conditions of publishing articles.

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms. Details of Licence. Articles in the Journal of Current and Advance Medical Research are Open Access articles published under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC License ( This license permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited and is not used for commercial purposes.

Declaration of interest

All authors of the manuscript must disclose any financial and personal relationships with other people or organizations that could inappropriately influence (bias) their work. Examples of potential conflicts of interest include employment, consultancies, stock ownership, honoraria, paid expert testimony, patent applications/registrations, and grants or other funding. Authors should complete the declaration of interest statement using the template and upload to the submission system at the Attach/Upload Files step or can send to the editor through the email. If there are no interests to declare, please choose: 'Declarations of interest: there is no conflict of interest to any of the authors' in the template. This statement will be published within the article if accepted. 

Author contributions

For transparency, we encourage authors to submit an author statement file outlining their individual contributions to the paper using the relevant CRediT roles: Conceptualization; Data curation; Formal analysis; Funding acquisition; Investigation; Methodology; Project administration; Resources; Software; Supervision; Validation; Visualization; Roles/Writing - original draft; Writing - review & editing. Authorship statements should be formatted with the names of authors first and CRediT role(s) following.


Please provide the names of all authors in full, including first name. Authors should be listed only those who contributed to the actual writing of the manuscript, rather than members of the laboratory contributing to primary work. Anyone else who contributed to the article can be thanked in the acknowledgements section.

Role of the funding source

You are requested to identify who provided financial support for the conduct of the research and/or preparation of the article and to briefly describe the role of the sponsor(s), if any, in study design; in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; and in the decision to submit the article for publication. If the funding source(s) had no such involvement then this should be stated.

Licence Agreement

In submitting an article to Journal of Current and Advance Medical Research I certify that;

  1. I am authorized by my co-authors to enter into these arrangements.
  2. I warrant, on behalf of myself and my co-authors, that:
    • ​​the article is original, has not been formally published in any other peer-reviewed journal, is not under consideration by any other journal and does not infringe any existing copyright or any other third party rights; 
    • I am/we are the sole author(s) of the article and have full authority to enter into this agreement and in granting rights to Journal of Current and Advance Medical Research are not in breach of any other obligation;
    • the article contains nothing that is unlawful, libellous, or which would, if published, constitute a breach of contract or of confidence or of commitment given to secrecy;
    • I/we have taken due care to ensure the integrity of the article. To my/our - and currently accepted scientific - knowledge all statements contained in it purporting to be facts are true and any formula or instruction contained in the article will not, if followed accurately, cause any injury, illness or damage to the user.
  3. I, and all co-authors, agree that the article, if editorially accepted for publication, shall be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. If the law requires that the article be published in the public domain, I/we will notify JCAMR at the time of submission, and in such cases not only the data but also the article shall be released under the Creative Commons 1.0 Public Domain Dedication waiver. For the avoidance of doubt it is stated that sections 1 and 2 of this license agreement shall apply and prevail regardless of whether the article is published under Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 or the Creative Commons 1.0 Public Domain Dedication waiver.

​[End of JCAMR’s license agreement]

Access to Articles

Articles appearing in Journal of Current and Advance Medical Research  are 'open access'. A universally accepted definition of the term was provided in the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing in 2003:

  1. The article is universally and freely accessible via the Internet, in an easily readable format and deposited immediately upon publication, without embargo, in an agreed format which can be easily sent to at least one widely and internationally recognized open access repository (such as PubMed Central).
  2. The author(s) or copyright owner(s) irrevocably grant(s) to any third party, in advance and in perpetuity, the right to use, reproduce or disseminate the research article in its entirety or in part, in any format or medium, provided that no substantive errors are introduced in the process, proper attribution of authorship and correct citation details are given, and that the bibliographic details are not changed. If the article is reproduced or disseminated in part, this must be clearly and unequivocally indicated.
  3. Articles in Journal of Current and Advance Medical Research are published under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY) to ensure implementation of open access as defined.

Publication Charges 

The journal doesn't  have any manuscript submission or  article processing charges (APCs). Thus, no fees or charges are required for manuscript processing and/or publishing materials in this journal.

Editorial Board

Professor Mahmuda Chowdhury
MBBS, MPH(CM), DMEd(UK), MPH in Epid, MMEd (UK)
Principal , International Medical College,
Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh

Associate Editor
Dr. M. Abdullah Yusuf
MBBS, M.Phil. (Microbiology), MPH (Epidemiology)
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Microbiology
National Institute of Neurosciences & Hospital,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Managing Editor
Md. Zahirul Hoque
BSc, MSc MD,
16 Dec Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Members of Editorial Board

Dr. Sufi Hannan Zulfikar Rahman (Malaysia)
MBBS, MD (Immunology)
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Microbiology
Perdana University, Malaysia

Dr. Mohammad Sayeed Hassan (Bangladesh)
MBBS, MD (Neurology), FCPS (Medicine)
Junior Consultant, Dept. of Clinical Neurology
National Institute of Neurosciences & Hospital,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Reaz Fatema Popy (UK)
MBBS, M. Phil (Microbiology), MSc (UK)
Physician, Urswick Medical Centre
London, UK

Dr. Nasir Farooque Bhatt (Pakistan)
Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Medicine
King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Ali Imam Ahsan (Bangladesh)
Associate Consultant, Dept of ENT
SAHIC Specialized Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Kazi Lutfor Rahman 
BDS, MS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery), PhD Fellow
Assistant Professor, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dhaka Dental College, Dhaka, Bangladesh  

Dr. Khurshed Mozammel (India)
Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine
Muzaffarnagar Medical College, UP, India

Dr. Sapana Amatya Vaidya (Nepal)
Registrar, Dept. of Gynaecology & Obstretrics
Paropakaar Maternity and Women Hospital, Nepal

Dr. Ahmed Raihan Sharif (Bangladesh)
MBBS, MPH (Epidemiology)
Medical Officer, Dept. of Virology
Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control & Research,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Saifullah Munshi PhD (Bangladesh)
MBBS, M.Phil (Virology), PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Virology
Banghabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Raheel Farooque Bhatt (Saudi Arabia)
Medical Officer King Fahad Medical City,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Naila Huq
MBBS, MD (Pathology)
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Microbiology
National Institute of Neurosciences & Hospital,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed
MBBS, M.Phil (Microbiology)
Head, Dept. of Microbiology
Enam Medical College, Savar,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Professor Fatema Ashraf
MBBS, FCPS (Gynaecology), MPH (Epidemiology)
Professor, Dept. of Gynaecology & Obstretrics
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Professor KM Shahidul Islam
MBBS, M.Phil. (Microbiology)
Professor, Dept. of Microbiology
Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Prof. AKM Shamsuzzaman
MBBS, M.Phil. (Microbiology)
Professor & Head,
Dept. of Virology Institute of Epidemiology,
Disease Control & Research,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Subscription Information

The circulation number of J Curr Adv Med Res per issue is two hundred (200 pcs). For subscription, submission and other information, please visit our website ( & and you can mail to us at

To subscribe to this journal or renew your current subscription, please complete the Subscription Order Form and send it to us through email ( The annual subscription rates are US $50 plus postage for individuals and US $100 plus postage for Institutions for the overseas subscribers and TK 200 plus postage for local subscribers.


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