Relationship of Microalbuminuria with different Clinical and Biochemical Parameters in Newly Detected Diabetes Mellitus Cases

Indrajit Prasad, Zafar Ahmed Latif, Tofail Ahmed, Faruque Pathan, SM Ashrafuzzaman, Firoz Amin


This study was conducted to assess the presence of microalbuminuria in newly detected diabetes
mellitus (DM) cases in a small group of Bangladeshi population attending BIRDEM out patient
department and to find out the relationship (if any) of microalbuminuria with different clinical and
biochemical parameters. Out of 110 DM cases, 10 (9.1%) were found to have microalbuminuria.
Blood pressure, both systolic (r=0.190) and diastolic (r = 0.30) had significant positive correlation
with urinary albumin. There was no association of microalbuminuria with waist circumference,
waist to hip ratio, serum triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, age, sex, weight,
height or BMI. This suggests that all newly detected diabetes mellitus should be screened for raised
blood pressure and if found positive be given the same importance as blood glucose. They should be
treated meticulously to revert or prevent microalbuminuria and thus prevent complications.

Ibrahim Med. Coll. J. 2010; 4(1): 21-25

DOI: 10.3329/imcj.v4i1.5931


Diebetes Mellitus

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