About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Bangladesh is a humid, subtropical country favouring luxuriant growth of microorganisms, fungi and plants from algae to angiosperms with rich diversity. She has the largest mangrove forest of the world in addition to diverse hilly and wetland habitats. More than a century back, foreign explorers endeavoured several floral expeditions, but little was done for non-vasculars and pteridophytes. In recent times, Bangladesh National Herbarium has been carrying out taxonomic research in Bangladesh along with few other national institutes (e.g. Department of Botany of public universities and Bangladesh Forest Research Institute). But, a complete inventory is yet to be accomplished. Moreover, the novel and applied branches of plant taxonomy are still emerging in Bangladesh with great potentials. There are a few peer-reviewed journals published from Bangladesh related to plant sciences (e.g. Bangladesh Journal of Botany) which are open to all branches of Botany including plant taxonomy. Because of page restrictions, they only publish small taxonomic papers and are not enough to meet the growing needs of native plant taxonomists. Moreover, there is no journal dedicated to ethnobotanical studies or plant conservation issues including review articles.

In 1992, Bangladesh Association of Plant Taxonomists (BAPT) was formed to promote taxonomic research in Bangladesh. BAPT is committed to promote and stimulate interest in taxonomic research and academic activities in all plant groups with a view to inventorying conservation and the plant diversity of the country and with an ultimate object for their sustainable development. The most important achievement of the BAPT lies with the publication of its Journal, 'Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy' (BJPT) on a regular basis since June 1994 to meet the needs of plant taxonomists working on the flora of Bangladesh. In addition, the journal welcomes and publishes papers from all over the world.

The BJPT is a peer-reviewed journal with two issues being published every year (June and December) by the Chief Editor on behalf of Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy. The Journal publishes original research papers relevant to taxonomy of all plant groups (from algae to angiosperms and also fungi), including biosystematics, biodiversity, ethnobotany and conservation issues. Review papers are occasionally invited for publication.

Peer Review Process

Each submitted manuscript goes through an initial screening process by the Executive Editor as soon as it is submitted to the Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy (BJPT). After the initial screening, those found in line with BJPT's scope and complying with Author Guidelines of the journal are then put through the review process.

The BJPT follows a double-blind review policy where both author(s) and reviewer(s) remain anonymous to each other. Each manuscript is sent to at least two reviewers. The BJPT has a pool of reviewers, who are experts in their respective fields and belong to esteemed academic and research institutions in Bangladesh and abroad.

Reviewers are initially given three weeks to send their comments and recommendation in a prescribed Review Form. They mainly focus on originality of the research, soundness of the methodology used, sufficiency, correctness and organization of the contents (from the Title to the list of References), and some other features outlined in the 'Author Guidelines'. Upon receipt, the reviewers' comments are shared with the corresponding author for revision. In some cases, the revised manuscript it sent back to the original reviewers for their final comments and recommendation. This review process usually takes 2 to 3 months to complete.

Upon completion of the review process, a manuscript is put through editing by the members of the Editorial Board of the BJPT. This stage often includes rigorous interactions between the Executive Editor and the corresponding author. Once all queries are settled and a final edited version is produced, that version is formally placed before the Editorial Board who accepts a manuscript for publication in the BJPT. The past few yearsÂ’ experience estimates that, on average, it takes 3 to 4 months from the submission to the acceptance of a manuscript.

Publication Frequency

The Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy is a biannual (to be issued in June and December) journal.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


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