Antitumor activity of Chondrococcus hornemanni and Spyridia fusiformis on Dalton’s lymphoma ascites in mice


  • Murugesan Subbiah Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany, Unit of Algal Biotechnology and Bionano Technology, Pachaiyappa?s College, Chennai
  • Bhuavaneswari Sundaresan Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany, Unit of Algal Biotechnology and Bionano Technology, Pachaiyappa?s College, Chennai



Chondrococcus hornemanni, Spyridia fusiformis and antitumor


The antitumor activity of the methanol extract of Chondrococcus hornemanni and Spyridia fusiformis against Daltons lymphoma ascites (DLA)-induced tumor inoculation as well as its antioxidant activity was studied. The methanol extract of algal biomass given orally to mice (200 mg/kg/day) for 14 days caused significant reduction in body weight, packed cell volume and viable tumor cell count when compared to the mice of the DLA control group. The extract not only increased the survival of animals with ascites tumor, decreased the body weight induced by the tumor burden and reduced packed cell volume and viable tissue cell count, but also altered the hematological parameters. The extract given i.p. daily for 14 days significantly reduced the solid tumor volume induced by DLA cells. Based on the biochemical and hematological parameters, the methanol extract of red algae C. hornemanni and S. fusiformis exhibits potential antitumor activities.


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