Ethno-Medico-Botanical Study in Lawachara National Park, Bangladesh

Mohammad Zashim Uddin, Md Abul Hassan, Mizanur Rahman, Kamrul Arefin


Use of medicinal plants for primary health care by the local people in and around the Lawachara  National Park, Bangladesh was recorded. A total of 56 plant species under 30 families with 70 formularies  (treatment mode) have been documented. Among the medicinal species, Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f.,  C. maxima (Burm.) Merr., Cucurbita pepo L., Lepisanthes rubiginosa (Roxb.) Leenh., Euphorbia  pulcherrima Willd. ex Klotz., Mimosa diplotricha C. Wright ex Sauv. have been reported as new medicinal  species from Bangladesh. Out of these plant species, 39.29% belonged to herbs, 19.64% shrubs, 3.71% trees  and 5.36% climbers. In majority cases, leaves of the medicinal plants were found leading in terms of their use  followed by fruit, bark, stem, seed, whole plant, latex, rhizome and inflorescence.


Bangladesh J. Bot. 41(1): 97-104, 2012 (June)


Ethno-medico-botanical study; Lawachara National Park; Bangladesh

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