Milroy’s Disease - The Rarest Cause of Lymphedema


  • Faizul Islam Chowdhury Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine, DMCH
  • Ahmedul Kabir Assistant professor, Dept of Medicine, DMCH
  • Jayanta Banik Post-graduate Trainee, Dept. of Medicine, BSMMU
  • Pinaki Paul Registrar, Dept. of Medicine, DMCH
  • Matiur Rahman Medical Officer, Dept. of Medicine, DMCH
  • Shohel Sarkar Post-graduate Trainee, Dept. of Medicine, DMCH
  • Shahimur Pervez Post-graduate Trainee, Dept. of Medicine, DMCH



Milroy’s Disease, Lymphedema


Milroy’s disease is an old term used to describe hereditary congenital lymphedema. It is the rarest of the inherited
lymphedema. The cause is a mutation in the VEGFR3 gene and is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. This
gene has been mapped to the telomeric part of the chromosome 5q in the region 5q34-q35. It is characterized by
lower limb lymphedema, present at birth or developing soon after. It may be associated with intestinal lymphangiectasia
and cholestasis. Here we report a 57 years old male who had been suffering from bilateral leg swelling since birth and
finally leveled as a case of Milroy’s disease by positive family history and excluding other causes of lymphedema. We
present this case due to the rarity of its occurrence.

Keywords: Milroy’s Disease; Lymphedema

DOI: 10.3329/jom.v11i2.5471

J MEDICINE 2010; 11 : 189-192


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Chowdhury, F. I., Kabir, A., Banik, J., Paul, P., Rahman, M., Sarkar, S., & Pervez, S. (2010). Milroy’s Disease - The Rarest Cause of Lymphedema. Journal of Medicine, 11(2), 189–192.



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