Disability Burden of Diabetes Mellitus and its Complications


  • Md Ziaul Islam Department of Community Medicine, National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine (NIPSOM), Mohakhali, Dhaka




YLD, DM and Complications


This specific analytical cross-sectional study was conducted at the Out Patient Department (OPD) of BIRDEM hospital to estimate and compare disability burden of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and its complications during the period of January-June 2003. Data was collected by face-to-face interview with a semi-structured questionnaire and a checklist. To estimate disability burden, Years lived with Disability (YLD) was calculated. Out of total 154 patients, 53% were female while 47% were male and their mean age was 47.02 (± 8.42) years. Around 48% patients claimed the onset age of 40-49 years. Average monthly family income of the patients was TK.16,488.27±6042.40 and 27% of them were illiterate. Out of all, 72% patients had diabetes with complications while the rest 28% had diabetes without complications. With regard to disability burden, total 473.43 YLDs was shared by the patients of which only 20.46% YLD was shared by diabetes itself while major part of YLD (79.54%) was shared by its complications and the discrepancy was statistically significant (ât'(152) =11.34, p < 0.01). It was revealed that the highest YLD was incurred by DM with cardiovascular diseases (37.56%) followed by DM with retinopathy (19.82%) and DM with nephropathy (12.98%). More YLD (52.65%) was shared by the patients with poor compliance with therapy while 34.27% and 13.08% YLD were incurred by the patients with moderate and good compliance with therapy respectively. Older patients shared more YLD than the younger patients and the disparity was statistically significant (ât'(152)=9.53, p < 0.01). More YLD was shared by the patients with long duration of the disease than the patients with short duration and this divergence was statistically significant (ât'(152)=8.71, p < 0.01). The study outcome will recommend for reduction of burden of DM by averting its major complications.

Key Words: YLD, DM and Complications  


J Medicine 2009; 10 (Supplement 1): 22-26


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