Intraorbital Cavernous Haemangioma (CHM)

  • MS Rahman Department of Ophthalmology, CMH, Rangpur
  • MA Hossain Professor and Head, Department of Ophthalmology, AFMC
Keywords: Intraorbital cavernous haemangioma


This is an interesting and rare case report of right intraorbital cavernous haemangioma near optic nerve of a
12 years boy who was hospitalized for right sided uniocular moderate axial proptosis and headache without
any impairment of vision. Computed Tomographic (CT) scan showed fusiform enlargement of around right
optic nerve just behind the eye ball. The mass was removed by right fronto-orbito-zygomatotomy incision and
diagnosed post-operatively as intraorbital cavernous haemangioma (CHM).

Key words: Intraorbital cavernous haemangioma.

DOI: 10.3329/jafmc.v6i1.5990

Journal of Armed Forces Medical College, Bangladesh Vol.6(1) 2010 p.32-33


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Rahman, M., & Hossain, M. (1). Intraorbital Cavernous Haemangioma (CHM). Journal of Armed Forces Medical College, Bangladesh, 6(1), 32-33.
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