Surgical Site Infections by Mycobacterium after Cesarean Section in Bangladesh: A Case Report

M. Saiful Islam, M. Abdullah Yusuf, Fatema Ashraf


Surgical site infection is very common in Bangladesh which is due to several reasons. During caesarean
section it is not unlikely that this type of infection can be happened. In addition to the common bacteria
atypical bacteria sometimes causes the surgical site infection like Mycobacterium species. In this case
report a cesarean section-acquired Mycobacterium surgical site infections has been reported in Bangladesh
which was presented as repeated abscess formation at the site of the caesarean section. Pus was drained
from the abscess and Zeil-Neelsen staining was performed and was found slender rod, beaded appearance Acid-fast bacilli. Then the patient was treated with anti-tubercular drugs and was totally cured.

Bangladesh J Infect Dis 2014;1(1):18-21


Tuberculosis; Incision; atypical Mycobacterium; cesarean section; acquired Mycobacterium

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