Comparison of the Rossogolla (Balish) prepared in the laboratory and collected from market of Netrokona District

MF Rahman, MN Islam, MN Hasan, MSR Siddiki, F Naznin


This experiment assessed the quality of Rossogolla (Balish) manufactured in the laboratory and collected from Netrokona district. Four types of Rossogolla, (A) Laboratory made Rossogolla, (B) Rossogolla from Mukti Mistanno vander, (C) Rossogolla from Gwyneth Mistanno vander, (D) Rossogolla from Khan Mistanno vander were used in this experiment. Quality of Rossogolla were evaluated by physical, chemical and microbiological tests. From the physical examinations it appears that quality differed among different Rossogolla. Significant differences within flavour score, body and texture, colour and appearance and taste among the four different preparations of Rossogolla (P<0.05) were seen. The chemical analysis score implies that Total solids, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Ash and microbial status varied significantly among four different types of Rossogolla of Netrokona district. Overall Physical, Chemical and Microbial status indicate that the type (A) Laboratory made Rossogolla was superior in comparison with others.

Key words: Rossogolla; Laboratory; Local market


Bang. J. Anim. Sci. 2010, 39(1&2): 134-143


Rossogolla; Laboratory; Local market

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