Effect of raw materials on drug release from developed Ciprofloxacin tablets

  • Heyam Saad Ali Department of Pharmaceutics, Dubai Pharmacy College Al Muhasina
  • Junaid Aslam Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, Dubai Pharmacy College Al Muhasinah
  • Bazigah Rasool Department of Pharmaceutics, Dubai Pharmacy College Al Muhasina
  • Saeed Ahemad Khan Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, Dubai Pharmacy College Al Muhasinah
  • Alaa Agondi Quality Control, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Julvar, Ras Alkhaima
Keywords: Ciprofloxacin tablets, dissolution behavior, physicochemical properties, storage conditions


The present study was undertaken to assess and evaluate the effect of two parameters on tablet formulation
of Ciprofloxacin: a) particle size of raw material and b) storage conditions of both raw material and finished
product. The raw materials were two commercial products, coarse (RM1) and fine (RM2) and locally
produced granular form (RM3) prepared from RM2. Three tablet formulations were prepared from the raw
materials and designated as F1, F2 and F3. The formulation F1 were prepared from RM1, F2 from RM2 by
slugging and F3 from RM3 by direct compression. The raw materials and finished products were then
subjected to assessment of the different parameters at the time of production and after storage for three
month. The particle size distribution for the raw materials was found to be < 100, 100 – 250 and > 250 μm for
RM2, RM1 and RM3, respectively. The moisture uptake at 25°C and 4°C under 75% RH was found to be the
highest for the fine powder raw material (RM2), however, the developed granular form RM3 showed the least
uptake. Moreover, F2 did not attain 80% dissolution after storage of 3 month. The F1 and F3 formulation
passed the dissolution test after storage of 3 month, hence, F3 showed the highest value of dissolution (82%)
in 30 minutes. The physicochemical properties of raw materials, storage conditions, and manufacturing
techniques were found to exert a great influence over the dissolution behavior of Ciprofloxacin tablet
Key words: Ciprofloxacin tablets; dissolution behavior; physicochemical properties; storage conditions

DOI: 10.3329/sjps.v2i2.5819

Stamford Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vol.2(2) 2009: 8-15


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Ali, H., Aslam, J., Rasool, B., Khan, S., & Agondi, A. (1). Effect of raw materials on drug release from developed Ciprofloxacin tablets. Stamford Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(2), 8-15. https://doi.org/10.3329/sjps.v2i2.5819
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