Cytological Studies of Nymphaea Species available in Bangladesh

A Hossain, G Kabir, MM Ud-deen, AMS Alam


The present investigation was undertaken in order to study the somatic karyotypes of four species of Nymphaea available in Bangladesh. Karyotypes of four species of Nymphaea revealed that most of the chromosomes were metacentric indicating their primitive nature and chromosome counts revealed a polyploid series of tetraploid, pentaploid and hexaploid based on X=14. Findings of the present study indicated that Nymphaea pubescens is a hexaploid (6X=84, white flower) which might have originated by chromosome doubling of Nymphaea daubeniana (3X=42) while Nymphaea rubra and Nymphaea nouchali (Type-1) are tetraploid (4X=56) species.

Key words: Nymphaea, karyotype  

doi: 10.3329/jbs.v15i0.2197

J. bio-sci. 15: 7-13, 2007  


Nymphaea, karyotype

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