An Algorithmic Procedure for Finding Nash Equilibrium

  • HK Das Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
  • T Saha Notre Dame College, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Keywords: Nash equilibrium; Equilibrium selection; Bi-matrix Games; Set Valued Map; Algorithm; Computation


This paper proposes a heuristic algorithm for the computation of Nash equilibrium of a bi-matrix game, which extends the idea of a single payoff matrix of two-person zero-sum game problems. As for auxiliary but making the comparison, we also introduce here the well-known definition of Nash equilibrium and a mathematical construction via a set-valued map for finding the Nash equilibrium and illustrates them. An important feature of our algorithm is that it finds a perfect equilibrium when at the start of all actions are played. Furthermore, we can find all Nash equilibria of repeated use of this algorithm. It is found from our illustrative examples and extensive experiment on the current phenomenon that some games have a single Nash equilibrium, some possess no Nash equilibrium, and others had many Nash equilibria. These suggest that our proposed algorithm is capable of solving all types of problems. Finally, we explore the economic behaviour of game theory and its social implications to draw a conclusion stating the privilege of our algorithm.

GANIT J. Bangladesh Math. Soc.Vol. 40 (2020) 71-85


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Das, H., & Saha, T. (2020). An Algorithmic Procedure for Finding Nash Equilibrium. GANIT: Journal of Bangladesh Mathematical Society, 40(1), 71-85.