Adolescent's life style behavior in relation to mother's education level

  • Silvia Paroi Assistant professor, Dept of Com Med, Addin Akij Medical College, Khulna
  • ABM Ariful Islam Assistant professor, Dept of Com Med, Rangpur Army Medical College, Rangpur
  • SM Masum lqbal Assistant professor, Dept of Com Med, Khulna Medical College, Khulna
Keywords: Adolescent, Life style behavior, Education level.


Background: Unhealthy life style behavior of adolescents in developing countries like Bangladesh creates a tremendous public health burden. Mother's education is a particularly important factor affecting adolescent's life style behavior development.

Objectives: The study was done to find out the adolescent's life style behavior and their relation with mother's education level that reflected their knowledge level.

Methodology: This was a cross sectional descriptive study. Two hundred seventeen students were selected by systematic sampling method from adolescent (10-16 year) which was carried out among the students of Rev. Paul's high school, Khulna city from January 2015 to December 2015.

Results: Among 217 students, 81.1% student have good personal hygiene practices which was statistically tested that revealed that there was positive relation between mother's knowledge level and adolescent's personal hygiene behavior. It was found that majority (56.7%) have no sedentary habit, among them 62.9% respondent's mother have higher educational knowledge level. So it was revealed that higher education level of mother decreased their child's sedentary habit. It was found that 53.2% child did not like to read book which was statistically not significant. From this result it was found that 56% mothers who have higher educational knowledge level, there children liked to have exercise practice that was statistically significant.

Conclusion: The result might be helpful for developing awareness among adolescents as well as parents regarding unhealthy life style behavior of adolescents to reduce the risk of unusual health outcome.

Bang Med J (Khulna) 2019; 52 : 16-20


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Paroi, S., Islam, A., & lqbal, S. (2020). Adolescent’s life style behavior in relation to mother’s education level. Bangladesh Medical Journal Khulna, 52(1-2), 16-20.
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