Antimicrobial activity of secondary metabolites produced by Aspergillus neobridgeri isolated from Pistacia lentiscus against multi-drug resistant bacteria

  • Nouari Sadrati Laboratory of Applied Microbiology, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences, University Ferhat Abbas Sétif 1, 19000, Sétif, Algeria.
  • Amina Zerroug Laboratory of Applied Microbiology, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences, University Ferhat Abbas Sétif 1, 19000, Sétif, Algeria.
  • Rasime Demirel Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Eskisehir Technical University, Eskisehir, Turkey.
  • Sabrina Bakli Laboratory of Applied Microbiology, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences, University Ferhat Abbas Sétif 1, 19000, Sétif, Algeria.
  • Daoud Harzallah Laboratory of Applied Microbiology, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences, University Ferhat Abbas Sétif 1, 19000, Sétif, Algeria.
Keywords: Antimicrobial, Aspergillus neobridgeri, Endophytic fungi, Pistacia lentiscus, PLR9


The in vitro antibacterial activity of the endophytic fungus Aspergillus neobridgeri PLR9 (isolated from the plant Pistacia lentiscus) against a wide range of tested bacteria were studied. The maximum inhibitory activity was found on malt extract agar medium with a mean inhibitory zone of 11.3 mm (p<0.05). The ethyl acetate extract showed a significant inhibitory zone of 13.4 mm (p<0.05), followed by dichloromethane 9.1 mm. Whereas, n-hexane extract showed no activity. The largest inhibition zones were observed against Staphylococcus aureus 3, S. aureus 5 and Escherichia coli 1 with 21.0 mm of diameter. The MIC's were ranged between 312.5 and 1,250 μg/mL. The MBC's were ≤2500 μg/mL for most Gram positive bacteria and ≥2500 μg/mL for most Gram negative bacteria. Time kill assay study against the Enterococcus faecium showed a bactericidal effect at 4x MIC and bacteriostatic against Acinetobacter baumannii at different concentrations. Moreover, it is the first report, PLR9 isolated as endophyte and studied for their antimicrobial activity.


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Author Biographies

Rasime Demirel, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Eskisehir Technical University, Eskisehir, Turkey.

Associate Professor

Daoud Harzallah, Laboratory of Applied Microbiology, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences, University Ferhat Abbas Sétif 1, 19000, Sétif, Algeria.



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