A double-blind, randomize, placebo-control trial to evaluate the effect of Nigella sativa on palmar arsenical keratosis patients


  • Tahmina Bashar Division of Arsenic Research, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Basic Medical Science and Paraclinical Science, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Shahbag, Dhaka
  • Mir Misbahuddin Department of Pharmacology Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue Shahbag Dhaka Bangladesh
  • Md. Amir Hossain Drug International Limited, Tongi, Dhaka




Arsenicosis, Nigella sativa, Palmar keratosis


This study was done to examine the role of Nigella sativa in 28 patients of palmar arsenical keratosis. Patients were randomized into two groups: Group A (n-15) receive capsules of placebo and vitamin E (200 mg) whereas Group B (n= 13) receive capsules of N. sativa oil (500 mg) and vitamin E (200 mg) orally for 8 weeks. The mean (± SD) clinical scoring of palmer arsenical keratosis in Group A before and after treatment was 99.3 ± 21.5 and 62.3 ± 14.3 respectively (37% reduction). On the other hand, in N. sativa oil treated group, the mean clinical score was 119.1 ± 20.3 before treatment which was reduced to 39.2 ± 8.4 (p<0.0001) after treatment (67% reduction). There were 65% reduction of total arsenic in nail of Group A and 30% in Group B. In conclusion, oral administration of N. sativa oil improves the symptom of palmar arsenical keratosis as a result of reduction of body arsenic load.


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