Health and healing in Islam: links and gaps with (post)modern practices

  • Mohammad Tariqur Rahman Faculty of Science, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Jalan Istana, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
Keywords: Healthy living, Health and healing in Islam, Modern Medicine, Integrative Medicine


Therapeutic interventions deal with healthy living i.e., maintenance of good health, dealing with conditions that requires special care such as child birth and healing i.e., treatment and cure of the sickness. Islam guides mankind to have ultimate faith on Allah Almightys approval for healthy living and healing as well as provides guidelines for cleanliness, healthy eating/drinking habits and controlled physical and mental stress. Thus, holistic view of healthy living and healing in Islam is founded both on the faith on the oneness and the almighty authority of Allah as well as physical, social, psychological factors. Revealed scriptures before Qur`an, gave equal emphasis on the same faith and factors. At the same time, different schools of thought of therapeutic interventions deal either with the physical or the metaphysical means of health and healing. This paper will discuss the links and gaps between Islamic principles and practices for health and healing and similar practices in other faith and therapeutic interventions observed in (post)modern community.

Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science Vol.14(2) 2015 p.119-129


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Rahman, M. T. (2015). Health and healing in Islam: links and gaps with (post)modern practices. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science, 14(2), 119-129.
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