Serum calcium and phosphate level in normal pregnant women


  • M S Sultana Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, MH Samorita Medical College, Dhaka
  • R Begum Professor, Department of Physiology, Enum Medical College, Dhaka
  • Q S Akhter Professor, Department of Physiology, Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka
  • N S Lovely Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Ad-deen Medical College, Dhaka
  • S Akhter Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Sapporo Dental College, Uttora, Dhaka
  • M T Islam Senior Medical Officer, IBN SINA Hospital, Kallyanpur, Dhaka



calcium, phosphate, pregnancy


Background and Objectives: Pregnancy is the physiological process in which progressive anatomical, physiological  and biochemical changes occur. Secretion of different hormones during pregnancy is responsible for  maternal adaptation to the increasing demand of the growing fetus. The present study was aimed to evaluate  serum calcium and phosphate status in normal pregnant women in different trimesters.

Materials and  Methods: A total number of 140 subjects, age range 20-40 (yrs) were recruited in the study which includes  100 normal pregnant women termed as study group (Group B) and 40 healthy women without pregnant  (Group A), served as Control. Group B subjects were subdivided into Group B1 (n=12), Group B2 (n=30)  and Group B3 (n=58) on the basis of duration of pregnancy- 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters respectively. Calcium  was measured by CPC (photometric method for Ca) and serum phosphate by colorimetric method. Statistical  analysis was done using SPSS for Windows, Version 10. Unpaired Student's -'t' test performed to calculate  statistical differences between groups.

Results: Age (yrs) (mean±SD) and BMI of the pregnant women in different  groups did not show statistical difference. Serum calcium (mean±SD) levels in the 1st (p=0.0001) and  2nd (p=0.02) trimester was significantly higher compared to the Controls. In 3rd the value was significantly  lower (p=0.015) compared to the Controls and of 1st and 2nd trimesters (p=0.001). Serum phosphate  (mean±SD) levels in three trimesters did not show statistical significant difference compared to the Controls  and among the pregnancy groups.

Conclusion: The data concluded that serum calcium level was lower during  third trimester of the study subjects which may be explained by the fact of increased demand of the growing  fetus and exposing the mother at risk of complications related to low serum calcium.


Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science Vol. 11 No. 03 July12


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Sultana, M. S., Begum, R., Akhter, Q. S., Lovely, N. S., Akhter, S., & Islam, M. T. (2012). Serum calcium and phosphate level in normal pregnant women. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science, 11(3), 217–220.



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