Design of a Microcontroller Based System to Implement 4-Electode Focused Impedance Method (FIM)

Dr Aktharuzzaman, Tanvir N Baig, K Siddique-e Rabbani


Designing of electronic circuitry and development of necessary software has been performed in the present work for a microcontroller based 4-electrode Focused Impedance measurement system. This needs a complex sequential analog switching of constant current ac signal generator and a potential measuring unit to 4 electrodes on the object under study. The performances of the designed system and the developed microcontroller software have been studied using a commercially available simulation software, ‘Proteus-7’, and the results are very satisfactory.


Bangladesh Journal of Medical Physics Vol.4 No.1 2011 75-79


Focused Impedance Method; FIM; Electrical Impedance; FIM Instrumentation

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