Cystatin C: A Better Predictor of Kidney Function in Diabetic Patients

  • TS Shima Dept of Biochemistry, Shahabuddin Medical College
  • A Khatun Dept of Biochemistry, Dhaka Dental College,
  • F Yeasmin Dept of Clinical Biochemistry, Dhaka Dental College
  • S Ferdousi Dept of Biochemistry, NIKDU
  • K Kirtania Dept of Biochemistry, Jahurul Islam Medical College
  • N Sultana Dept of Biochemistry, Dhaka Medical College
Keywords: Cystatin C, DTPA-GFR, eGFR-creatinine, eGFR-Cystatin C Abreviation, eGFR- Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate


Serum cystatin C is a new promising marker of renal function. The aim of this study was to analyze serum cystatin C as a better predictor of renal function in diabetic nephropathy. In 60 diagnosed diabetic patients, serum cystatin C and serum creatinine were assessed. Glomerular filtration rate was estimated based on the cystatin C concentration according to Cockcroft- Gault formula and based on serum creatinine concentration according to Larsson formula. DTPA-GFR (Diethylenetriamene pentaacetate Renogram) was done as reference standard. The cross tabulation of DTPA-GFR was done with eGFR- creatinine and eGFRcystatin C. The calculated sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of eGFR- creatinine were 85%, 87.2% and 85% respectively. The eGFR- cystatin C showed higher sensitivity, specificity and accuracy than eGFR- creatinine in studied diabetic subjects. The cystatin C showed more significant correlation, r=0.78, p<0.001 than serum creatinine, r=0.59, p<0.001 with DTPA-GFR in diabetic patients. This study demonstrates that serum cystatin C may be used for early prediction for renal function impairment in diabetic kidney disease.


Bangladesh J Med Biochem 2011; 4(1): 16-20

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Shima, T., Khatun, A., Yeasmin, F., Ferdousi, S., Kirtania, K., & Sultana, N. (2013). Cystatin C: A Better Predictor of Kidney Function in Diabetic Patients. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Biochemistry, 4(1), 16-20.
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