Bilateral Ureteral Triplication with Bilateral Complete Duplex Kidney: Surgical Challenges and Management via Laparoscopic Surgery

Dayang A Aziz, Quah Soong Yuen, Osman Marjmin, Faizah Mat Zaki, Sehat Izry Sehat, Mahmud Mohd Nor


Bilateral ureteral triplication is a very rare form of congenital urinary tract anomaly;  so far, less than 10 cases have been reported worldwide. We report an infant  with bilateral complete duplex kidneys and a rare variant of Type II bilateral  ureteral triplication. The diagnostic challenges and successful laparoscopic  management are discussed.


Bangladesh Journal of Endosurgery Vol.1(3) September 2013: 16-19


ureteral triplication; complete duplex; laparoscopy

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