Minimal-invasive surgery for treatment of colo-rectal angiodysplasia in a child

A Eric Moreddu, Alexandre Fabre, Julia Boubnova, Frederic Lamy, Jean-Michel Guys, Pascal de Lagausi


Introduction: Rectal angiodysplasia is a rare lesion of bowel wall in pediatric population.

Materials and Methods: We report the first laparoscopic management of a case of bifocal angiodysplasia in a child, involving the rectum and the left colonic flexure. The preoperative investigations showed only rectal lesions. A classic Swenson’s pull-through by laparoscopy was performed, with discovery of second lesion necessitating a resection of the left colonic flexure.

Result: At day 11, the child presented an occlusive syndrome and a partial disunion of the coloanal anastomosis, requiring a discharge transverse colostomy Two months after closure of the colostomy, the child regained 1 kg, had a normal transit (3 to 4 defecations per day) and normal haemoglobin results.


Bangladesh Journal of Endosurgery Vol.1(1) January 2013: 13-15


Colo-rectal; angiodysplasia; minimal-invasive surgery; venous malformations; laparoscopy; endorectal pull-through

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