A Portable Remote Medical Consultation System for the Use of Distant Rural Communities


  • Sisil P. Kumarawadu University of Moratuwa
  • Nuwan D Nanayakkara University of Moratuwa
  • Brinthan Thavaneswaran University of Moratuwa
  • Mukunthan Tharmakulsingam University of Moratuwa
  • Nirosan Paramanathan University of Moratuwa
  • Lalitha Perera University of Moratuwa
  • Sajith Mohamed Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies




Remote medical monitoring and consultation has become indispensable in order to enhance the availability of better health-care services to the patients in remote rural areas in the country. This paper proposes an inexpensive, easy to handle Remote Medical Consultation System (RMCS) which supports the healthcare workers to carry out their services through bi-directional video and voice communication between the remote end and doctors end as well as automated measuring of medical parameters that can be controlled from both ends. RMCS is consisted of a wearable sensors kit, a centralized hardware platform which connects to the medical sensors and devices and a software platform with database for operating and managing the system. RMCS is capable of remotely measuring patients blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), heart sounds and the systems platform supports to add-on more medical sensors or devices. The key aspect of the system is that it reduces most of the complexity in operation and facilitates the doctors to monitor and diagnose the patients in real-time. RMCS was essentially developed to eliminate the issues of low quality healthcare services in rural areas and to assist in monitoring immobilized patients.


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Kumarawadu, S. P., Nanayakkara, N. D., Thavaneswaran, B., Tharmakulsingam, M., Paramanathan, N., Perera, L., & Mohamed, S. (2015). A Portable Remote Medical Consultation System for the Use of Distant Rural Communities. Rajshahi University Journal of Science and Engineering, 43, 81–87. https://doi.org/10.3329/rujse.v43i0.26152