Design AID for Continuous Beams

  • SN Khuda Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Military Institute of Science and Technology
  • AMMT Anwar Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Keywords: Moment Coefficient, Shear, Continuous Beam, Uniform Loading


Analysis and design of beam is still an important part in Structural Engineering practice. As a major component in structure, it demands due attention and accuracy. At the same time engineers need to achieve economy in time and cost in the design of beams. To assist designers moment coefficients are developed for continuous beams in this work. Existing ACI moment coefficients are applicable only under certain conditions and have some limitations. This study is an attempt to develop moment coefficients for beams which will be applicable beyond ACI limitations. Comparison of developed coefficients with corresponding ACI coefficients has been done and a satisfactory agreement is found. However, ACI coefficients are found to be conservative. Additionally design tables are developed for selection of RC beam section and reinforcement when design bending moment and shear are available. SAP2000 has been used for analysis of beams during the study. Models are used to generate exact moment coefficients for beams of different span ratios and spans under uniform loading. The moment coefficients and design tables generated in this work will be useful for practicing engineers for quick design.

KEY WORDS: Moment Coefficient; Shear; Continuous Beam; Uniform Loading.



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Khuda, S., & Anwar, A. (1). Design AID for Continuous Beams. MIST Journal: GALAXY (DHAKA), 3.