Assessment of Soil Compaction – A Project Study

  • Md Gazi Ferooz Rahman Department of Civil Engineering, Military Institute of Science and Technology
  • MDH Talukder Corp of Engineers, Bangladesh Army
  • AHMM Rahman Corp of Engineers, Bangladesh Army
Keywords: Compaction, porosity, density, Unit Weight


Soil compaction is one of the most important aspects of any earthwork construction. Compaction improves the engineering properties of the fills. Nearly all compaction specifications are based on achieving a certain value of dry unit weight (γd). During construction, the geotechnical engineers measure the unit weight of compacted soil in the field to verify the contractor’s compliance with the requirement. This paper is a project study of road construction project "Road Zia Colony to Mirpur Cantonment". Soil samples were collected from five different locations. In situ dry density was obtained by Sand Cone Test from each location. The laboratory tests (Standard Proctor Test) were carried out to find out the dry density for each sample. The maximum dry density in relation to moisture content was obtained. Relative compaction (CR) of soil at each location was then calculated to the soil compaction of the said road project.

KEY WORDS: Compaction; porosity; density; Unit Weight



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