Extraction of Alkaloids and Oil from Karanja (Pongamia pinnata) Seed

M. S. Rahman, M. B. Islam, M. A. Rouf, M. A. Jalil, M. Z. Haque


The present study deals with the extraction of alkaloids and oil from Karanja seed. It was observed that Karanja seed grown under the soil and climatic condition of Bangladesh contains alkaloids and 32% of bitter, red brown thick oil. Using hexane as the only organic solvent alkaloids and oil were recovered from the seeds and defatted kernels by two extractions.. The oil and those alkaloids which occurred as free bases were recovered first with hexane from the dried crushed seeds. Then hexane-insoluble salts of the alkaloids retained in the defatted kernels were converted into hexane-soluble free bases by the treatment with aq. sodium carbonate or ammonium hydroxide. Then after the free bases, soluble in hexane thus obtained were recovered by another extraction with hexane. Thus a proteinaceous meal was obtained containing very low alkaloid without losing any proteins. The alkaloids which were dissolved in the oil were then converted into water-soluble salts by treating with aq. hydrochloric acid. Thereafter, the water soluble salts were completely removed by repeated extraction with water.

Keywords:   Pongamia pinnata; Oil; Alkaloid; Extraction.

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doi:10.3329/jsr.v3i3.7227                J. Sci. Res. 3 (3), 669-675 (2011)



Pongamia pinnata; Oil; Alkaloid; Extraction.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3329/jsr.v3i3.7227

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