Sustainable Agricultural Development under Climate Change in Bangladesh


  • MAA Faroque PhD Fellow, Department of Soil Science, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka
  • M Asaduzamman Consultant, GIZ Bangladesh and Research Fellow, University of Twenty
  • M Hossain Principal Plant Breeder, Supreme Seed Company, Dhaka



Sustainable, agriculture, climate change, Bangladesh


Climate change is no more an environmental concern it has emerged as biggest developmental challenge for the most vulnerable Bangladesh. The whole international community is also scared of catastrophic adverse effects of future climatic changes on different spheres of man and nature, e.g. deglaciation and sea level changes, submergence of lands, nations and major coastal lowlands, atmospheric dynamics including evaporation and precipitation, global radiation balance, photosynthesis and ecological productivity, plant and animal community and many more. This paper tries to focus the adverse impacts of climatic changes on the crop production, food security, yield gap and sustainable agriculture by crop intensification and diversification. The impact of climate on agriculture could result in problems with food security and may threaten the livelihood activities upon which much of the population depends and thrives. Hilly committed research efforts showed technological progress as evidenced by release of 684 high yielding varieties of various crops and about 769 management technologies by NARS institutes, and universities.  The greatest challenge for the future agriculture under climate change, we need improved and modified warning system, developed climate impact modules, build sufficient resilience of food system, comprehensive climate resilience strategies, develop database on climate. Also need top priority to mitigate the impact of climate change on agriculture through weather services, more research and extension service, agro advisories, insurance, community bank, intensify and diversify crop production system, modern high yielding varieties and management technologies for future sustainable agriculture.



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Faroque, M., Asaduzamman, M., & Hossain, M. (2013). Sustainable Agricultural Development under Climate Change in Bangladesh. Journal of Science Foundation, 11(1), 17–28.



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