Assessment of Some Water Quality Parameters of Bansi River in Monsoon and Winter Seasons

MMM Hoque, S Roy, MN Hoque, MZ Islam


The study was carried out to assess some physico-chemical water quality parameters and pollution scenario of the Bansi river. Water samples were collected from 8 different selected stations at Bagholpur to Nayarhat portion of Bansi river during winter and monsoon periods. The values of all parameters except temperature and DO were found higher in winter season compared to that of monsoon season. The water was slightly alkaline to strongly alkaline ranging from average pH value of 7.6 in monsoon to 8.5 in winter. The DO was found unsuitable for fisheries and irrigation purposes. The BOD was found extremely higher in winter than that of standard level set by the Government of Bangladesh. The mean values of EC in monsoon was 452.4 ?s/cm, whereas in winter season it was 901 ?S/cm, the value of DO in monsoon season was 4.7 mg/l whereas in winter it was 3.2 mg/l, the value of BOD in monsoon season was 8.9 mg/l and in winter season it was 31.4 mg/l, the value of TDS in monsoon season was 306.3 mg/l and in winter season it was 496 mg/l, the value of alkalinity in monsoon season 50.4 mg/l and in winter season it was 146.5 mg/l.


J. Environ. Sci. & Natural Resources, 5(2): 53-57 2012


Bansi river; Monsoon; Pollution; Water quality parameters; Winter Season

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