Grammar of Sign Language


  • Gulshan Ara Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


sign language


Sign language is a widely used system of interactions among the members of deaf and dumb communities. It is a conventionalized and rule governed communication system like natural languages of the world. There are regional variations in the use of sign languages (i.e. ASL, BSL etc.) and some features of universalities also can be found in sign languages throughout the world. This paper aims at introducing the salient features of grammatical structures of sign languages along with finger spelling and lip reading. Chirology in sign language grammar is parallel to the study of phonology in the grammar of natural languages. Morphological and syntactical descriptions are also available in the grammar of sign languages like natural languages. This paper will also help to understand this newly introduced subject matter of sign language in Bangla and it will create interest in future research in this field.  

Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics Vol.1(1) 2008


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