Case Presentation

Case No. 01-2019

Off pump coronary artery bypass grafting in awake patient

Case No. 02-2019

A 10-year-old boy presented with recurrent episodes of diarrhea, low grade, irregular fever and severe wasting

Case No. 03-2019

A 22-year-old male with pain and tooth surface loss on multiple teeth

Case No. 04-2019

A 16-year-old boy with chronic discharging sinus on upper left lateral incisor tooth

Case No. 05-2019

A 48–year–old female presented with severe neck pain

Case No. 06-2019

Case No. 01-2018

A 7 year old girl with anemia and massive hepatosplenomegaly

Case No. 02-2018

An icteric newborn with bad obstetric history

Case No. 03-2018

A neonate with acute kidney injury

Case No. 04-2018

A 15 year old girl presented with rectal bleeding, growth failure, digital clubbing and mental retardation

Case No. 05-2018

Repair of iatrogenic furcal perforation with glass ionomer cement

Case No. 06-2018

A hemophilic patient presented with an abdominal mass, fever and cough

Case No. 07-2018

Patient with a short history of lower abdominal pain, anorexia and fever

Case No. 08-2018

A 5½ month old girl with ascites

Case No. 09-2018

A 15 year old male with continuous dull pain in the maxillary left central incisor

Case No. 10-2018

A 3 year old baby with wasp stings-induced multiorgan dysfunction

Case No. 11-2018

A 14 year old boy with reimplantation of avulsed maxillary central incisors

Case No. 12-2018

An 8½ year old girl presented with pain abdomen with hypertriglyceremia

Case No. 13-2018

A 1½ year old girl with excessive bleeding following accidental trauma to the upper labial frenum during playing

Case No. 14-2018

A 17 year old girl with gradual swelling of lower abdomen

Case No. 15-2018

A 42 year old female with thermal sensitivity in the lower left first molar tooth

Case No. 16-2018

A 24 year old male patient with weakness in the left upper limb

Case No. 17-2018

A 48 year old postmenopausal woman with dull aching lower abdominal pain and heaviness in the abdomen

Case No. 18-2018

A 10 month old girl with fever and cough 

Case No. 19-2018

A 30 year old female with continuous dull pain following perforation during root canal treatment in lower left first molar tooth

Case No. 20-2018

A 3 year old girl presented with abdominal distention since birth with developmental delay

Case No. 21-2018

A 9-year-old girl presented with jaundice, abdominal distension, hematemesis, melena and pleural effusion

Case No. 22-2018

A 17-month-old girl presented with jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, ascites and scaly erythematous skin lesion

Case No. 23-2018

A 12-year-old boy presented with fever and left-sided upper abdominal pain