Egg Bound and Vent Prolapse in Chicken - A Review of Two Cases


  • B Joy Veterinary dispensary, Ayyambuzha, Ernakulam Kerala, India
  • TR Divya Veterinary dispensary, Ayyambuzha, Ernakulam Kerala, India



About six month old two silky hens were presented with the history of swelling at the posterior part of the body since two days. The birds were weak, lethargic, and recumbent and had reduced appetite. On examination a mass was found protruding out from the vent region. On close examination it was found to be the prolapse of uterus and cloaca with eggs lodged in the uterus in one case and egg bound in other case. Manual reduction of the condition was done after flushing the site with normal saline solution under local infiltration anesthesia with Lignocaine 2%. In one case the egg was removed easily by gentle manipulation. The egg was found to be large and was a normal shelled egg. In the second case where there was prolapse of uterus through cloaca, the egg was found to be lodged inside uterus. The bird was anesthetized with an intramuscular injection of Ketamine hydrochloride at a very low dose rate the rate of 10 mg/kg. The prolapsed mass was thoroughly washed with luke warm water. It was difficult to reduce the mass with the large egg inside. A tear was noticed on the uterus and the eggs were removed through it. Two eggs; with one shelled and another shell less were removed. The uterine tear was sutured with chromic catgut size 3/0 in inverted suture pattern. Reduced the uterus back into the body and thus prolapse was reduced. A purse string suture was put around the cloaca and advised the owner to remove the sutures after few hours. Postoperatively antibiotic Enrofloxacin was given at the rate of 10 mg/kg body weight.


Bangl. J. Vet. Med. (2014). 12 (1): 91-92



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