Antifungal effect of Chinaberry

Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology News | Feature | 8 July 2016

Summary: The ethanolic extract of leaves of Chinaberry (Melia azedarach) shows antifungal and anti-inflammatory activities.

Source: University of Cartage

Chinaberry is a tall tree (about 50 feet) mainly used as timber. Its fruits are poisonous. Leaves are used as natural insecticide to keep with stored food. Antibacterial efficacy of the seed extracts of Chinaberry against some hospital isolated human pathogenic bacterial strains has been reported. The researchers led by Dr. Karima Lahbib from Tunisia have recently shown the antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects of this plant. This report has been published in recent issue of Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology.

Photograph: Antifungal effect of Chinaberry