Ludartin in ovarian cancer growth and metastasis

Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology News | Feature | 23 June 2016

Summary: Ludartin treatment exhibits promising inhibitory effect on the epithelial ovarian cancer growth and metastasis.

Source: The First People's Hospital of Shangqiu

Ludartin is the isomer of arglabin isolated from Artemisinin magdalena. It has been reported to possess gastric cytoprotective activity. Ludartin treatment inhibited proliferation and reduced adhesion, invasion and migration potential of OVCAR5 ovarian cancer cells through inhibition of pFAK and MMPs expression. Therefore, ludartin can be used for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

The Chinese Obstetrician Dr. Lin Bai and his team have shown the finding using ovarian cancell lines. The result is published in a recent issue of Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology.

Photograph: Efficacy of ludartin on cell adhesion and invasion of OVCAR5 ovarian cancer cells