Synodontia between Permanent Mandibular Central & Lateral Incisors

Nitin Agarwal, Debanti Giri, Saurabh Mathur, Kirti Agarwal


Dental fusion also called ‘synodontia’ is a rare dental developmental anomaly in which the union of two independently developing primary or permanent tooth buds occurs. Tooth fusion is defined as union between the dentin and / or enamel of two or more separate developing teeth. The fusion may be partial or total depending upon the stage of tooth development at the time of union. The etiology of fusion is still unclear. The overall prevalence of the tooth fusion is approximately 0.5%. Fusion may be unilateral or bilateral and most often occurs in primary teeth with more predilections for anterior teeth. Clinically fused anterior teeth frequently have a groove or notch on the incisal edge that goes in buccolingual direction and radiographically, the dentin of fused teeth always appears to be joined in some region with separate pulp chambers and canals. Hence the cases of fusion of permanent teeth in different ages are presented.

Bangladesh Journal of Dental Research and Education Vol.5(2) 2015: 70-72


fusion; gemination; supernumerary tooth; tooth anomaly

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