Vol 10, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Hexonic derivatives as human GABA-AT inhibitors: A molecular docking approach Download Read
Dharmaraj Senthilkumar, Krishnan Anbarasu, Sivaraman Jayanthi 1-6
Synthesis, structural characterization and biological activity of 2-(4-methylbenzenesulphonamido)pentanedioic acid amide derivatives: In vitro and in vivo antineoplastic activity Download Read
Satyajit Dutta, G. Raghava Ravali, Supratim Ray, K. Nagarajan 7-15
Evaluation of hepatoprotective effect of chloroform and methanol extracts of Opuntia monacantha in paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity in rabbits Download Read
Mohammad Saleem, Iram Irshad, Muhammad Kashif Baig, Faiza Naseer 16-20
In vitro phytochemical and antimicrobial screening of Thymus linearis Download Read
Attiqa Naz, Muhammad Saeed, Muhammad Medrar Hussain, Muhammad Saqib Ishaq 21-26
Anticancer activity and apoptosis inducing effect of methanolic extract of Cordia dichotoma against human cancer cell line Download Read
Md. Azizur Rahman, Arshad Hussain 27-34
Daucosterol derived from Cordyceps (a Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a possible lead compound for allergic transfusion reactions Download Read
Jian Yang, Ji-Xia Li, Zhe Song, Xi-Yan Xia 35-39
Retinoic acid ortho-hydroxy aniline amide promotes neurotrophin mediated cell growth and proliferation in nerve cells Download Read
Zhi-Gang Wang, Jin-Peng Wang, Fang Wang, Yi-Hua Wang, Pei-Cheng Cao 40-46
Ellagic acid regulates Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway and CDK8 in HCT 116 and HT 29 colon cancer cells Download Read
Yang Fang, Hong Zhou, Jian-Fu Xia, Jie-Jun Lin, Ri-Zeng Li, Da-Qing Yang, Mai-Yu Xu, Xiao-Yang Li 47-56
In vitro cytotoxic and antibacterial potentials of extracts from three marine isolates of Actinomycetes isolated from coastal ecosystems of Tanur, Kerala, India Download Read
Prashanthi Kuruvalli, Varalakshmi Kilingar Nadumane 57-62
Vitexicarpin inhibits overexpression of GNAO1 and plays a role in gastric cancer cell proliferation and apoptosis Download Read
Si-Ping Wang, Li Yu, Jie Xie, Xiao-Ming Liu, Hong Li 63-68
Scopoletin potentiates the anticancer effects of cisplatin against cholangiocarcinoma cell lines Download Read
Md. Ali Asgar, Gulsiri Senawong, Banchob Sripa, Thanaset Senawong 69-77
Pleurotus eous polysaccharides suppress angiogenesis and induce apoptosis via ROS-dependent JNK activation and mitochondrial mediated mechanisms in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells Download Read
Jin-Kai Xu, Jian-Cang Ma, Peng Luo 78-86

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