Studies on the antidiabetic effects of Mangifera indica stem-barks and leaves on nondiabetic, type 1 and type 2 diabetic model rats

Amrita Bhowmik, Liakot Ali Khan, Masfida Akhter, Begum Rokeya



Mangifera indica Linn, locally known as mango tree has been claimed to possess antidiabetic properties by many investigators. The present study was undertaken to screen the hypo- and antihyperglycemic activity of both ethanol and water extracts of leaves and stem-barks of M. indica in nondiabetic and diabetic model rats in different prandial states. The results showed that all of the extracts had significant antihyperglycemic effect in type 2 model rats when fed simultaneously with glucose load (p< 0.05-0.01; p< 0.005-0.001). Moreover, the ethanol extract of stem-barks showed significant antihyperglycemic effect when the extract was fed 30 min prior to the glucose load (p< 0.01). Investigations were carried out to evaluate the effect of M. indica on glucose absorption using a rat intestinal preparation in situ. The ethanol extracts of stem-barks reduced glucose absorption gradually during the whole perfusion period in type 2 rats.


Keywords: Antidiabetic; Mangifera indica; Glucose; Prandial; Rat

Online: 20 May 2009

DOI: 10.3329/bjp.v4i2.2488


Bangladesh J Pharmacol 2009; 4: 110-114



Antidiabetic; Mangifera indica; Glucose; Prandial; Rat

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